Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Allowing Parental Alienation...the dirty truth

I just read an article on how courts allow Parental Alienation.  I am not sure if "allow" is the correct word as I find it hard to believe that judges and GAL's (abbreviated Guardian ad Litem - a better definition would be Grossly Absent Logic) are actually lacking the intelligence to agree with a parental "alienator".  They are certainly not utilizing the brain power that enabled them to achieve their advanced degrees.  From everything I've learned and read...the answer is simple.  The decision makers in the courts are relying on their poorly developed instinct to determine who is the parent they "feel" is best suited to have custody of the children.  In Massachusetts, I know several female GAL's who are not thinking...they are feeling...and what they are feeling is an attraction to the narcissistic alienating parent (a man - in this case) who is charming, attractive, and flirtatious.  They are swayed by the possibility due to the sexual vibrations being put out by this man who only wants to seduce the GAL with his sincere speech, penetrating eye contact, and whatever other means to turn an otherwise professional women's thinking into that of a schoolgirl talking to her crush.  And thus the decision is made.  One of these GAL's, aware that this charmer had moved into another woman's house days after he left the marital home, doesn't even bother to investigate further.  She's recommending that the children go live in a house with a strange woman she knows nothing about....who must be qualified, because after all, she's now living with this charmer....and doesn't that make her the best co-parent....and does it really matter that she was having an affair with a married man?  Evidently not, because this is exactly what she is recommending to the judge...that the children live with the charmer and the adulterer. 

The last ironic piece of this is the GAL report.  It makes no sense.  It is filled with contradictions.  Even testimony on the witness stand doesn't support this document.  And the judge even deems the report "slanted".  And this woman is STILL working in our courts.  Why?   

I say fire this woman who is grossly absent of logic, give her a few sex toys and let her live out her fantasies....only not within our courts.

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