Monday, February 2, 2015


On this snowy February day, I am thinking about a colleague of mine who is scheduled to fly to India tonight. She is worried that due to the weather, the flight will be cancelled. As I am home due to the weather, I am reflecting on an event, 27 years ago....In similar conditions, and heading to the airport in the early morning hours, hoping to catch a flight to Philadelphia. As a former flight attendant, I was quite sure that the flight would be cancelled. I was also pregnant with my first child, and had a little head cold. My ex was determined to visit his friend, so we took a cab to the airport, where we ended up sitting on the plane, only to deplane upon hearing the flight was cancelled. My ex began calling trains and buses in a futile attempt to travel via a different mode. All calls were in vain and we took a cab home. I wasn't disappointed, after sitting on the cold plane, for more than four hours, my cold symptoms had escalated. I conveyed this to my ex, as well as my eager anticipation to get into my warm bed with a cup of tea.  Upon getting home, I crawled into bed, as my ex called a local friend. In his typical over-animated narcissistic verbiage, I heard him describe how the weather was perfect ski weather, and his friend should join him for a impromptu trip to Vermont.  Despite his sick and pregnant wife, my ex rapidly repacked his suitcase with his ski gear, and left for the weekend, before boiling the water for my tea.  Although I should have been lovingly pampered, I was left to care for myself; fortunately something I could do quite well.  In retrospect, I enjoyed the quite solitude instead of having to listen to frustrated narcissistic rage.   

I don't know my colleague's husband, but I am quite certain that if their flight is cancelled tonight, they will rally.  He will brew her a cup of tea, and then they will look for another way to find a flight to India....together.