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Here's the true story of a woman who should not be allowed to practice law. In fact, she probably should be on disability, as she is mentally incompetent on many levels. But you, dear reader, will be able to figure this out. Let's start at where it all began.....
Herb Lewis, Esq. is an attorney who resided in Needham with his wife Elaine. Years ago, when the son of his close friends was arrested for possession of cocaine, with the intent to sell, he successfully defended the 18 year old and had the record sealed. Despite the close call, this teenaged narcissistic sociopath continued to deal drugs from his Needham apartment - this time marijuana - which carried a lighter sentence. He accumulated regular customers, and some by word-of-mouth. One customer was a longtime friend, and son of Herb and Elaine Lewis. His older sister was Elizabeth R.Lewis, called Liz, who had followed in her father's footsteps and became an attorney.
About 8 years later, I met this drug dealer, however his drugging and dealing was concealed from me, as the primary goal of the narcissist is to charm, then consume. Facts eventually dribbled out and explained away as the mundane antics of a teenager. A tumultuous courtship, marriage, and 3 children followed. We would spend some of our summer days by the pool at the home of Herb and Elaine Lewis. Elaine was a nice woman who I learned had commented to my mother-in-law about my wonderful parenting skills. During these afternoons, Liz was also present. We always had a friendly relationship.... until my divorce proceedings when Liz was hired to represent my ex.
So let's review…Liz's attorney father defended my ex on charges of possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Liz's brother was my ex's best friend and involved with drugs he purchased from my ex. Liz's mother had enthusiastically complemented my parenting skills. In order to be effective attorney in a custody case, Liz was going to have to ignore the facts she knew... and to win, well...she was going to have to lie her ass off.
At the time. I had the idealistic belief our courts were a venue of honor, respect, and truth, resulting in justice. But in family court, I learned the general protocol was based on who was the more effective liar. And that was Liz Lewis.
[Ironically, she was sanctioned in another case for unethical behavior, and handling a case as if it were "her personal vendetta".]
Liz broke every rule, and ignored any shred of ethical attorney protocol. Some examples:
1. It is unethical for any attorney to contact the guardian ad litem assigned to a custody case, as the GAL needs to make a decision based on their own investigation. Liz continuously contacted the GAL, and even told her I was "in crisis", despite the fact I was working, had researched and enrolled my children in nursery school, and continued their daily routines. In fact - nothing had really changed as I had always been the sole caregiver. If anything, my psychological status was better because I was no longer afraid of being abused.
2. Liz brought "therapist" Steven Shapse, to testify and provide a psychological profile on me, despite the fact we had never met.
3. Liz went to "judge shopping" when her motion to change custody was denied twice.
4. Liz submitted a motion denying me due process in court
5. Liz brought an ex-parte fabricated motion into court which caused me to lose visits with my children for almost 5 years. She had plenty of time to have me served but didn't want me in court to refute her lies. Did I forget to mention this was done on my birthday?
6. Liz submitted a written summation for the custody trial which allowed her to lie freely without any reaction in court. Her written summation read as if she were in a different custody trial.
7. Liz (along with my ex) approached the ex-wife of my boyfriend attempting to create animosity in a very healthy relationship. Both handed her their business cards. My ex's slick business card contained information 100% contrary to what he had just turned in on his financial statement - also signed by Liz Lewis - under the pains and penalties of perjury.
8. Liz tried to supersede the judge's order by calling me to request a change in the visitation schedule. When I told her I wanted to comply with the judge, who requested any change needed to be in the courtroom, Liz refused and said "I would rather see you fighting with your children". When I later saw her in court, she denied this, and I asked her what kind of medications she was taking.
Those were just a few of the ways Liz conducted herself, but there are many more, as Liz drew out this trial for months, with her.... well, the only word is bullshit. She lied, manipulated, and insulted. She accused me of "needing men to support me", although I worked and relied on myself, while her client moved into a woman's house immediately after I threw him out. Liz's obsession with my relationships were disturbing, and made me feel as if she possibly wanted another kind of relationship with me.....whoops.....I guess I let the cat out of the closet....I mean bag. (No offense to the LGBT community)
I do not have a photograph of Liz Lewis. I am using this picture of a troll doll as this is the closest resemblance I could find. Liz is a tiny woman whose speech is tight-lipped and monotoned. She wears oversized manly tailored pantsuits to court, no make-up, and a Dorothy Hamill haircut. I recently heard Liz was disbarred however I could not find any supporting information. But, I am sure this is in her future. But, by all accounts, Liz Lewis has proved herself to be, the lowest scum on this planet. She went into court, and ignored her oath as a member of the bar, determined to brutally and dishonorably fight to have children ripped away from a wonderful mother. I am certain her mother Elaine Lewis is rolling over in her grave in disgusting disappointed with her daughter and her actions. If Liz Lewis had any morals scruples, or ethics, she would have refused this case. If she bears any guilt, remorse, or regret, she should tell my children the truth. This is all public record with additional details in my book "...Until You Die": The Narcissist's Promise. I will continue to purge and defile her name for what she did to my children, and someday I hope I can dance on her grave.
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